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Sanitization techs - businessThe coronavirus pandemic has swept through Santa Barbara, and many in our community are struggling to keep up with evolving updates. We have never faced a challenge like this in our lifetimes, and it seems like the rules change every day. And yet, swift action is the only way for us to overcome this outbreak and restore Santa Barbara to the vibrant community it has always been.

If you feel a bit lost or overwhelmed, we’re here to help. While it is essential to follow the CDC and WHO for new information, there are some clear-cut guidelines to help you act in the best interest of our community every day.

Observe social distancing. It is not enough to stay home only if you show signs of coronavirus infection. Many who are exposed to the virus do not experience symptoms for several days… sometimes as much as two weeks. However, you can still spread infection even while you are asymptomatic. This is one major reason we’ve seen such a drastic increase in reported cases. Even the most conscientious members of our community have still been out among their friends and neighbors, assuming they are healthy. In order to flatten the curve, we must all take precautions as though we are asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus.

Sanitization & Disinfection ServicesThis extends to properties. The CDC reports that the virus can live on surfaces for several hours and sometimes even days. Bear in mind that every time you or a member of your household goes into public, you may be exposed to coronavirus. Avoid touching door handles, counter tops, and other surfaces whenever possible. Wash your hands immediately upon arriving home and disinfect your living space. Call us at 805-254-8356 and see how we can help.

Business owners face a unique challenge. Because so many different individuals enter your space, you cannot easily control your potential exposure to coronavirus. And at this point, both your staff and customers recognize that they put themselves at risk by entering any public building. Your dedication to sanitization goes a long way toward providing peace of mind for the people who keep you in business.

If you would like some assistance, please do not hesitate to call 911 Restoration of Santa Barbara. Our disinfection technicians provide professional sanitization in Santa Barbara and throughout the surrounding area. We serve both commercial and residential properties with deep cleaning, clear communication, and transparent practices. Every member of our team has been trained to follow CDC and EPA protocols. From office deep cleaning to home disinfection, you can count on us.

At a time when so much remains uncertain, we want to be a source of hope for our community. If we can provide you with comprehensive disinfection and peace of mind, please reach out. Call us at 805-254-8356

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